Укупорочная машина Arol 4T

укупорочная машина Arol 4T
укупорочная машина Arol 4T
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укупорочная машина Arol 4T изображение 3
укупорочная машина Arol 4T изображение 4
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укупорочная машина Arol 4T изображение 6
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Марка:  Arol
Модель:  4T
Тип:  укупорочная машина
Год выпуска:  1999
Место расположения:  Италия (Verona) - Italy
Дата размещения:  29 апр. 2024 г.
Номер в стоке продавца:  TP93
Напряжение:  380
Состояние:  б/у

Дополнительная информация — Укупорочная машина Arol 4T


Used capping machine AROL 4T up to 6500 bph

Introduction to AROL 4T’s Versatility

In the bottling industry, choosing an efficient capping machine is crucial. Indeed, the used AROL 4T capping machine represents an optimal solution. Companies seek high performance without compromising precision. Moreover, safety is a key concern.

Four-Head Capping Mechanism

Equipped with four heads, this machine is designed for both flat and mushroom cork caps. It offers indispensable versatility. Flexibility and adaptability are demanded in today’s market. Consequently, the head height adjusts electrically for quick adaptation. This is crucial to minimize downtime and, therefore, maximize efficiency.

Durable and Hygienic Design

The base, made entirely of stainless steel, ensures longevity and resistance to corrosion. Additionally, it facilitates cleaning and maintenance. Thus, maintaining hygienic standards in the food and beverage industry is key.

Operator Safety Features

Safety in the workplace is a top priority. Therefore, the machine is equipped with safety protections. These ensure the physical integrity of operators during production. Significantly, bottle entry is from the left. This detail is fundamental for optimizing integration within production lines. It, furthermore, facilitates logistics and space management.

Adjustable Production Speed

The production speed reaches up to 6500 bottles per hour. It is adjustable via a potentiometer. This demonstrates the AROL 4T capping machine’s ability to meet demanding production needs. Adjusting speed allows for flexible adaptation to different productions. Consequently, this maximizes operational efficiency.

Proven Reliability and Efficiency

Produced in 1999 and complying with CE standards, this machine has proven its reliability. It was used continuously until 2022. The power supply of 380 volts three-phase, 50 Hz, ensures operability. There is no need for particular adaptations from an energy perspective.


In conclusion, the used AROL 4T capping machine up to 6500 bph is a high-level solution. It is perfect for companies needing a reliable and efficient machine. It ensures the highest quality of cap application. Its robust construction, combined with flexibility and safety features, makes it a valuable investment. Optimizing productivity and quality in every bottling process is assured. This investment significantly enhances the efficiency and quality of bottling operations.

Speed: 6500 BPH
No. of heads: 4
Cap type: Mushroom cork, Straight cork
Rotation direction: Clockwise
Safety features: Yes
Manuals: Yes
stato: In storage
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